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UAB LIANDRA of construction, decoration andrepair, construction of frame houses, terracesand other installation work. In addition to general construction and finishing works, the company can take care of building water supply and sewage disposal, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical engineering up to 1000 Vworks.
Workforce constantly looking for innovative solutions, implementing modern technology,implementing complex projects.
The company successfully continues its activities in the 7-s years in the works in Lithuania and abroad are constantly looking for newopportunities for cooperation.

The company is currently developing a cost-effective frame house project, which is accessible to the widest possible range of people, as well as allow the house to collect hisforces, and further reducing the cost and to avoidmistakes and errors in the assembly house.Modern technology support such a design housecan be built and there where severe conditions (poor soil), another plus point half-timberedwalls thermal resistance is the basis foreverything that Keep track significant savings of heating costs.